Revision3 Quicktime HD Starter

Hello to all Revision3 fans.

As a revision3 fan myself, I listen to their shows about 3 times a week. My favourite shows are Diggnation, Tekzilla and the Digg Reel.

The format I prefer is the Quicktime HD, which offers a really great video quality on every kind of screen. But, this format gives me some trouble.

To keep my bandwidth, I want to listen to these shows in realtime streaming. I also want them being played in the external quicktime player, in full screen.

To do this. I always have to copy the quicktime file shortcut (mp4), open quicktime play, choose « open url », and type Ctrl-F to make it start full screen. But this time is over.

I discovered that the .qtl file type is opened directly with Quicktime, and I can pass it parameters to start my show in full screen. So I created this site to generate me the .qtl files that automatically starts my favorite Revision3 Show, directly in Quicktime player, in full screen mode. I invite you to try it, and I wait for your comments!

You can try my utility here.

Have a good show.

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