Keep your old copy of .NET Reflector

To all .NET Developers around the world.  You may be users of the wonderful Lutz Roeder's .NET Reflector, which really helps to find what's not working in our own dll, and somethimes helps us find why the original .NET Framework classes are not acting the way we want.  This tool is really useful for reverse engineering of .NET DLL or EXE.

But recently, Red-Gate put the hand on this product.  They are offering it for free again, but if they do like they did with the SQL Prompt tool, they will start to sell it $300 in a few months.  So, my suggestion to you is to download it right now, keep it in a safe place, like I did for SQL Prompt.  Because I had a copy of it, I can continue use it for free. 

Don't search for the free copy of SQL Prompt on the internet, Red-Gate cleaned all the web to remove the old free versions of SQL Prompt, which is also a very wonderful tool (it enables intellisense in SQL Server tools, like Query Analyser or Management Studio, by displaying table names when you type the "from" keyword, or the fiels list when you type "SELECT tablename.")

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