How to create 1 big windows 7 themepack with more than 1 themepack

You like Windows 7 Themepack.  You tried Bings's Best, or Canada, Spain, or any other country/theme provided by Microsoft.  

But, you like more than 1 theme.  You would like to have all of your favorites themes build together into 1 big single theme.

This is how you do this.
  • Go to C:Users(username)AppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsThemes
  • in the search box, type "type:image"
  • Select all JPG images (all in 1920X1200 resolution) (watch out to not select small PNG images)
  • Copy them somewhere
  • open the desktop properties where you choose the Windows 7 theme
  • On the bottom of the configuration page, click to modifiy your Desktop Background
  • Choose "image location", select the folder where you copied all the JPG files
  • Enjoy!

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