Automatic update for Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows Defender

Hello Friends of Microsoft.

I use these 2 products to protects my computer, they are free and does a good job I think.

These products are Microsoft Security Essentials, and Windows Defender.  (Now the same product, Security Essentials for windows 7, and Defender for windows 8+)
I hope they will stop all these bad software before they do some damage.
But, I don’t understand why the definition updates for these 2 products are part of the « windows update » process.
Like every other antivirus software, like AVG or Avast, they must update without warn me, automatically, and check every hour for new updates if available (or at least once a day), and update without warning me.
I want these 2 products to be always updated, but I do not want them to be part of other windows updates that I want to manually install when I want.
Thank you Microsoft to correct this in a future release of these products.

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