Dell E6520 Windows 10 Missing Drivers

Hi everyone.  Like you, I just installed a brand new Windows 10 on my old Dell E6520 laptop.  It works fine, but I have 3 unknown drivers in the Device Manager.

  1. Broadcom USH
  2. Mass Storage Controller
  3. Unknown device.

I search the web for a long time and I found the missing drivers all directly from a safe source, Dell directly.

For if they remove it from their web page, I provide them here on my blog.


And, for those who don’t trust me, who thinks that I created a fake driver with a virus inside, these are the 3 links I used to download them.


Now, just replace your HDD with a SSD, and that old laptop can be lightning fast for the next 5 years!

3 réflexions au sujet de “Dell E6520 Windows 10 Missing Drivers”

  1. Thank you for this fix it worked perfectly! I have a question. Have you been able to get the fingerprint reader to work with Windows 10 x64? I can not find a solution so far. Please let me know.

  2. Thanks for the info… You might be interested to know that a Windows 10 version of the FreeFall driver is now available from Dell. It worked on my E6520, although it took a while to install. The name of it is Chipset_Driver_CP3V3_WN32_4.10.67_A00.EXE.

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