Windows Update

This morning, I got a new notification from Safari, that wants to install the latest version.  I clicked "install".  10 minutes later, I got a notification from FireFox who wants to do the same.  Yesterday, I got a Adobe Flash update notification.  And 2 days before, a Java update too.  Why do those software ask me my permission to update?  Why would I want to NOT update?  Where is the checkbox to tell those software to update my machine without notifying me?

The same thing is true for the Microsoft Update.  If a Windows Update is available that do NOT need the system to restart, please, just install it and do not notify me that you will install an update, and after, that the update had been installed.  I trust those companies, Sun, Adobe, Apple, Microsoft, and I am sure that they know more than me if the update is important for my machine.
My message to all the software developers in the world that produce updates of their application every month: ALWAYS let us activate an option that will do automatic update without any notification!

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