HP is totally not Green

Like all companies in the world since 2 years, HP pretends to be green.  They have a section on their web site to explain us why they are so green.

But this afternoon I got the absolute confirmation that they are NOT.
I had to do a simple Bios Update on my HP Pavilion a6077c computer.  I bought that machine 2 years ago, it came preinstalled with Windows Vista.  My bios was version 2.51, I wanted to upgrade to the latest, 2.53, that may help me solve a memory trouble I have with windows 7, that only allow me to use 3.25 gigabytes of my 4 GB of memory.  On their site, there is a lot of downloads available for that machine.  But all of them are mentioned to be only working on Windows Vista.  That is because the machine was sold with Vista preconfigured in it.  So I downloaded the Bios Update setup utility, for Vista 64 bits, hoping that it will work on Windows 7 64 bits.  During the setup, I got a message telling me that my Operating System is not compatible with the bios update application.  I tried to run in in Vista SP2 emulation Mode, but I got the same message.
I contacted them with their "live chat" utility on their web site.  I finally got the confirmation from technical support person that Windows 7 is not supported, so I can't update my bios.  WHAT?  A motherboard bios is not supposed to have something to do with the OS, they should provide a kind of "bootable iso image" to let me upgrade my bios even if I want to run Linux, or even Dos 6.2!  Their solution is to buy a new HP PC that is configured with Windows 7, to get the Windows 7 support.  That is SO green!  Put my desktop tower to the trash, what a great solution.
That's the third time they do this to me.
2 years ago, I got to put my HP scanjet 2200c color USB scanner to the garbage, because they decided that they will NEVER release driers for Windows Vista.  Because the scanner was released during the Windows XP era, only XP will ever be supported, nothing else.  I tried to sold it, but no one wants this scanner that PERFECTLY WORKS under windows XP, but not on vista.
Then, the same thing happened to my iPaq rx1950.  When Vista was released, they confirmed that I will never be able to sync my iPaq with Vista.  That's over, another HP hardware to the garbage.
That is the best Green strategy I have ever seen.
Hey, Hewlett Packard, if you really want to be Green, make sure that we can use your hardware for more than 2 years.  Microsoft supports all their software for 10 years, can you support your hardware for that time too?

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  1. Yes! I agree! I have a a6077c desktop and if you buy the SAME computer now… they will support Windows 7… of course they will put a new part number on it… but the hardware will be the same… Remember HP is a hardware company and they want to sell hardware not support it!

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