beware of wiiware water wafare

I just paid 800 wii points to buy Water Warfare on the Wiiware Wii store.

I thought it could be an interesting game for my 4 and 6 years old kids.
I want to say: Don't lose your wii points on this game.
My own review:  This game is really difficult to play.  The screenshots make you think that it's a funny and simple shooting game with water.  Let me say that this game is a kind of very difficult "Unreal Tournament", but the big guns are replaced by all kinds of water guns.  The goal and difficulty is the same.  
Ok I'm not the best 1st person shooter player in the world.  But if I am not able to pass the practice level, will my childrens be able to? Maybe if they were 10 + of age, but not at the age of 4 and 6.
This is the first wii game I play that use all the buttons of the wii remote + nunchuck.  It take a lot of practice to be able to control the game correctly.  There is another strange behavior: if you are in normal mode, you aim enemies with the wii remote pointing at the screen.  But when you zoom a target, strangely you now have to aim with the nunchuck joystick.
I paid for this, it's impossible to get a refund on wiiware games, and I will certainly never play this game again.  This is a great lost of money.  This is the third wiiware game I bought and I start to think that all those games are some scrap.  My next try will be for "World of Goo", for 1500 points, I hope it will be really better than the other games I tried on the Wii Store.

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