The Intel Pro/100 VM affair

Why, after 15 years of windows existence (since windows 95), do we always have to download the Intel Pro/100 VM network adapter drivers from another computer when we just installed windows?

It seems that the Intel Pro/100 VM network card is found in 95% of laptops and most brands of desktop motherboard cards from a lot of different companies.  95% of the time when someone tell me that he just installed windows but its Internet is not working, I install the Pro/100VM drivers and it start to work.
Please MS and Intel, can you provide those generic Intel Pro/100 VM drivers in your distribution of Windows?  They are on your web site, so why don’t you provide them ?  When we just installed windows, the first thing we want to do is to update everything, but we need those network drivers to update them !  
Is it too complicated to include 1 single additional 15kb file in the Windows distribution ? We did not get this driver in W2K, XP, and now in Vista.  Will it be included in Windows7?  I will let them on my USB Key just in case… 
Note that this also applies for the Pro/100 VE network adapter.  The link below works for the pro/100 VM and VE
This is the link to download them on the Intel web site…

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